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Welcome to our guild site!


A Murder of Crows is an Everquest 2 guild located on the Antonia Bayle server. Our guild members have participated in a wide range of online games including Everquest, Everquest 2, Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft and now RIFT! Our senior members have been enjoying EQ2 for 3+ years. We are all friends brought together by MMOs and enjoy gaming together.

Here are a few guidelines that outline our general philosophy and approach to the game:

*Be Respectful of others!

*Real life comes first.  Nothing in this game is ever more important than our members' real life responsibilities.

*Our guild is a small, but growing one. We strive to keep it a friendly environment by recruiting those of like mind.  The single most important reason for joining a guild is for enjoying the game with others.  While A Murder of Crows is small, right now, our members are more active and helpful than many giant guilds.  A true gauge of a guild’s greatness is in the size of its heart, not the number of members.  As we grow our focus will always be on character and relationship development.  Our guild will always be dedicated to working together and helping each other out.

*Please check the guild forums.  Many guilds require their members to actively participate in the guild forum.  We make no such demands.  We do ask that you read the forums as often as possible to keep up with happenings in the guild.  The forums are a great way for guild members to communicate to everyone quickly.  People can voice opinions, make requests, ask for help, post advice, etc.  If no one reads the posts however the power of this tool is lost.  We just ask that people keep tabs of what is going on in the forums.

*If you need help with something, please ask.  Understand though that people will not always be able to drop what they are doing.  This is true, especially if it is a long drawn out quest, so try to make arrangements ahead of time. Try to complete as much as you can on your own, please.  We won’t hold your hand.

*We do ask that members, at times, be willing to mentor and help newer players who join our ranks.  As stated above playing the game with others is the reason for joining a guild.  So, mentoring lower level players to get them involved in groups is strongly encouraged.  However, lower level players should also be aware that higher level members are also trying to progress their own characters and explore higher level content.  Do not expect to be constantly catered to.

*We do look for certain qualities in our membership. Some of the things we look for are an easy-going personality that will not only tolerate joking, teasing and a playful atmosphere, but will relish and join in the fun. We are not role players, we are not politically correct. We do strive to embrace and learn from those who are different from us. We may not agree with your opinions, but we will defend your right to have them!

*Just because we are a “casual” guild it does not mean we aren’t serious. While friendly atmosphere is encouraged during grouping and raiding, when it comes time for the tough fights everyone needs to be ready to pay attention, listen, and do what they’re told.  Many fights require team work, so again while we strive to be casual we also want to be successful.

*Raiders are expected to be prepared.  Again just because we aren’t a hardcore raiding guild doesn’t mean we don’t raid seriously.  People who want to raid should read up on the strategies of the zones we run and come to raids prepared.  Raiding is the most involved group activity available in the game and the more prepared every member is, the better the raid will go.

*We are an adult-based guild. Some of the language in guildchat and on voice chat may not be suitable for younger players. We ask that you be 20 years of age, preferably older before expressing an interest in joining our guild.

*The most important aspect of our guild is to have fun! A good many of us have leveled to 90 and have participated in a raiding guild or two. Our primary purpose of creating this guild was to go back to the beginning and experience the things we missed. We'd love to go back and raid lower tier content and enjoy the game as a whole.  We are also looking forward to newer raid zones and eagerly await those challenges.

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